People and Planet Global Alliance

A photograph of a tall tree sticking out above the canopy of a forest

The global alliance of science-focused cultural organisations has come together to drive transformational change through public engagement.

We are living in a critical time of climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, habitat destruction and disease outbreak. The crises we face are of a global scale and require an immediate, collective response - there is no planet B.

As science-based museums and centres, we reach millions of people across the world. We are trusted and provide a place for learning, dialogue, and innovation.

As an alliance, we are working together to drive change for a positive future by facilitating discussion and engagement, highlighting and championing creative solutions, and empowering people to make equitable, meaningful decisions. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted how we reach our audiences, but thanks to digital innovations there are still multiple ways in locations around the world in which you can engage with the critical issues facing our planet.


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