Thriving at the Museum: the way we work

Illustrations of a blue whale.

The Museum has set an ambitious strategy to 2031. Our vision is a future where both people and the planet thrive and our mission is to create advocates for the planet.

We are proud to work at the Museum and have identified the qualities we all need to embody to reach our shared ambition. This sits alongside the Museum's values and forms the framework for the way we work.

We are ambitious

To make a difference on a global scale we are big and bold in our thinking and set goals which may seem impossibly high. We act with integrity, but we are not rigid or inflexible. We are excellent at what we do and look for opportunities to make a difference for the Museum wherever we can.

We are curious

We never stop learning. We look outwards beyond the Museum and ask questions to advance our understanding. We seek out and actively listen to different perspectives. We take time to reflect, we are thoughtful and open to new ideas.

We share the wonder

We are captivated by the natural world, proud of our treasures and trusted guardians of the collections. We are passionate about the Museum, enjoy telling its stories and sharing our knowledge and expertise to inspire others. We don't take this for granted; we feel proud to work here.

We are pioneering

We are not afraid to try something new and use good judgment and evidence to take risks. We experiment, innovate, and embrace complex problems by adapting our approach. We do not dwell on setbacks or get preoccupied with problems. We find solutions.

We team up

We respect the expertise of others and recognise that we produce the strongest outcomes when we put the best ideas together. We trust each other, keep things simple and make it easy for others to do the right thing. We share information and skills so everyone is equipped and enabled to succeed. We never let bad moments grow into bad relationships. We inspire and empower each other to give our best.

We act with pace

We focus our efforts where we know we can make the biggest impact. We take tough decisions and once a plan is set, we all get behind it to make it happens. We take responsibility and don't wait to be told what to do. We are racing against time in this planetary emergency, so we work with a sense of urgency. 

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