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Animals in their Environment

Marcio Cabral, Brazil

The night raider

Marcio had been visiting the National Park for three years waiting for the right conditions to capture the glowing termite mounds. After days frustrated by rain, he was in for a surprise. A giant anteater ambled out of the darkness and stayed just long enough for Marcio to take a single picture, using a long exposure and flash to highlight his unexpected companion.

Termite mounds twinkle with the green lures of click beetle larvae, waiting for adult termites to fly into their traps. Giant anteaters, up to two metres long, have a more direct approach, using powerful claws and long tongues to reach inside the mound. But the termites aren’t defenceless – soldiers spray toxins at the intruder, which quickly make it move on.

Technical specification

Canon EOS 5DS R; Nikon 14–24mm f3.5 lens, Fotodiox adapter and ND filter; 30 sec at f3.5; ISO 5000; two Metz 32 flashes and diffuser; Manfrotto tripod.

Emas National Park, Goiás, Brazil: latitude -18.121777, longitude -52.908627 Emas National Park, Goiás, Brazil: latitude -18.121777, longitude -52.908627

Emas National Park, Goiás, Brazil

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Marcio Cabral

Marcio Cabral, Brazil

Marcio is a nature photographer based in Brazil. He has won many awards during his 20-year career and his work has been published in a variety of travel and tourism magazines, books and guides. He is currently dedicated to producing images for fine art prints and spherical panoramas. He also leads workshops and photographic expeditions in Brazil and neighbouring countries.