Gallery 4

Rhinoceroses, tapirs, wild asses and zebras

This gallery houses the odd-hoofed mammals. The horses (including zebras) which have only 1 toe and the tapirs and rhinoceroses, which have 3 on each foot. Tapirs do actually have 4 toes, but 1 isn’t functional.

Extinct quagga

This extinct quagga originated in South Africa. The last one died in Amsterdam in 1883.

Malayan tapir

The Malayan tapir is the largest of the 4 tapir species. This vegetarian has a long, flexible nose, a small, stubby tail and a broad light-coloured band around the middle of its otherwise dark body.


Examples of all 5 species of rhinoceros are on display here.

Somali wild ass

The legs of the Somali wild ass are horizontally striped black. The domestic donkey is descended from the African wild ass. Donkeys also often have a dark cross mark on their shoulders and sometimes striped lower legs.


Lord Rothschild was fascinated by zebras. He kept several at Tring Park and even harnessed them to a carriage. All known species of zebra are represented at Tring.