Gallery 1

Birds, large carnivores and primates

This magnificent gallery displays a huge variety of animals, from British birds to a gorilla from Cameroon, encased in tall wooden cases on top of which stand an elephant and two rhinos.

Polar bear

A massive polar bear greets you at the entrance to the gallery. Victorian taxidermists placed a friendly smile on the face of this animal, which is in fact a powerful hunter.

Birds of paradise

A display of beautiful birds of paradise can be found in the case to the right of the entrance. Pictured above is a blue bird of paradise.


This mandrill once lived in London Zoo and may have met President Roosevelt. He has a bright blue and red nose, with a matching colourful bottom that particularly appeals to school parties.

Gorilla and skeleton

This large stuffed gorilla and the skeleton beside it are both from Cameroon. Rothschild purchased them at great expense from a German museum.

The emperor penguin

The emperor penguin is the biggest of the penguin species and comes from Antarctica. This penguin was one of the first ever to be seen in the UK when it was brought back from an expedition in the early 1840s.