Copying and document delivery

The Library and Archives provides facilities for self-service copying, and can send copies to you through our document delivery service

Self-service copying

A self-service book scanner is available. Scans to memory sticks are free of charge. Printing from the scanner or photocopying is available at the following charges (please note we only accept cash):

  • 20p per sheet for A4
  • 40p per sheet for A3
  • £1 per sheet for colour A4

We ask that you sign our Intellectual Property Rights Conditions of Use declaration during registration.

Intellectual property form (PDF 199.7 KB)

Document delivery

The Library and Archives offers a document delivery service. Please print, complete and sign a copy request form and we will send out the item within 14 days for our standard service or 48 hours (2 working days) if our premium service is requested.

Copy request form (PDF 46 KB)

Document delivery charges are:

  • 40p for scans or black and white copies (£1.20 for premium service)
  • £1.50 for colour (£4.50 for premium service)

Payment is upon delivery. Please read the payment of this invoice document for details of ways to pay.

Payment of this invoice PDF (109.0 KB)


You can photograph items using your own equipment.


Library and Archives visitors copying works protected by copyright in the Library and Archives collections are advised to limit their copying as detailed below:

  • Only make single copies of Item
  • Any digital copies made must not be placed on a network.
  • Visitors must not supply a copy of the Item to any other person.
  • All copies used for Research for a Non-Commercial Purpose must be accompanied by sufficient acknowledgement unless this would be impossible for reasons of practicality or otherwise.
  • For literary work:  Reproductions should not exceed 5% of the whole work, or one chapter whichever is the greater, or one whole article from any one issue of a periodical or journal.
  • For artwork (including maps):  In assessing whether their use of an Item is permitted or not Visitors should assess whether the nature and extent of the copying is within the bounds of what is reasonable and appropriate, taking into account the purpose of the copying; generally multiple copying is not regarded as 'fair'; significant financial impact on the copyright owner because of their use would also not be acceptable.

For detailed copyright information please contact one of our staff or read our Intellectual Property Rights Conditions of Use.

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