Sloane's Treasures

Having secured an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Science in Culture Exploratory Award, CAHR worked with the British Museum and British Library to develop three workshops on the dispersed Sloane collections.

These projects brought together academics, librarians, curators and other experts from the arts, humanities and sciences, to discuss the research potential of the collections.

Workshop 1: Understanding Sloane’s Natural Objects

The first Sloane’s Treasures workshop was held at the Natural History Museum in April 2012. Participants listened to presentations on Sloane’s herbarium, minerals and vegetable substances held at the Museum. Participants also received a tour of the Botany and Mineralogy departments, to learn about current research being conducted on Sloane at the Museum.

Listen to the podcast for presentations, tours, and discussions from the workshop. 

Understanding Sloane's Natural Objects

Workshop 2: Understanding Sloane’s Artificial Rarities

The second Sloane’s Treasures workshop was held at the British Museum in May 2012. In the morning, participants listened to presentations about Sloane’s prints, drawings, Chinese glass, Islamic seals, antiquities, and ethnographic items, all held at the British Museum. In the afternoon, participants continued their discussions on the digitisation, research and public engagement opportunities that might arise from the Sloane collection.

Listen to the podcast for presentations and discussions from the workshop.

Sloane's 'Artificial Rarities'

Workshop 3: Text and Transcription

The third Sloane’s Treasures workshop was held at the British Library in July 2012.  In the morning, participants listened to a series of presentations on Sloane’s manuscripts, printed books, maps, Chinese material and drawings held at the Library. In the afternoon, participants discussed research opportunities afforded by the Sloane collection in the digital humanities, visualisation of data and crowdsourcing. 

Listen to the podcast with discussions from this workshop.

Texts and Transcription