Palpigrades are small creatures that have often been considered the most primitive of arachnids. There are approximately 82 described species.

Palpograds are commonly known as micro whip-scorpions because of their size and resemblance to their much larger relatives, the whip scorpions.

Palpigradi have:

  • colourless and translucent cuticle
  • a very distinctive multi-segmented flagellum

About the name

When they walk, paligrades touch the substrate with their first pair of legs and use their palps for walking. This is reflected in their name, as palpo is Latin for 'touch', and gradatus means 'step-by-step'. 


Pedipalp (palps)
A pair of appendages found near the mouth of Arachnids. Often resembling legs, they may be used for locomotion, sensing, feeding and mating.