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A new age of discovery 

Our distinctive approach to research is to use the combination of our collections and our specialist expertise in taxonomy, systematics, biodiversity, natural resources, planetary science, evolution and informatics to tackle scientific questions in novel ways.

Research initiatives

Discover more about the new approaches we are taking to our key areas of research, such as biodiversity

Caught butterfly Biodiversity initiative

Our researchers are focusing on tropical forests to tackle long-standing questions about the diversity of the most complex ecosystems on Earth.

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Research initiatives


Specimen jars from the Museum collections

The life and earth science collections of the Museum comprise some 70 million specimens or items. The collections cover virtually all groups of animals, plants, minerals and fossils.


26-metre Diplodocus skeleton Earth sciences

Museum scientists are studying the origins of the planet, the earth's resources and the evolution of life.

Ornithoptera priamus, birdwing butterfly Life sciences

Researching the diversity of life on earth studying the biodiversity of species, ecosystems and environment.

Library and Archives Library and Archives

Explore one of the world’s finest collections of natural history literature, artwork, photographs and manuscripts.

Working in the Molecular laboratories Science facilities

The Museum runs world class Molecular laboratories, Imaging and analysis and Conservation facilities.

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The latest research articles, books and other publications produced by the Museum's scientists.

E.huxleyi Coccolithophore imaged in an electron microscope. Prospective students

Discover more about the postgraduate courses offered at the Museum, in collaboration with British and overseas universities. 

Research seminar delegates networking while enjoying refreshments outside the Flett Theatre Seminars and events

Find out what scientific seminars and events are taking place in the Museum's science group.

Pufferfish Data online

Browse our data about taxonomy, biodiversity, evolution and natural resources or search our collections for specimens and collections.