Arthropod phylogeny

We use diverse morphological and molecular evidence to infer the interrelationships between and within the 4 main arthropod groups - insects, crustaceans, myriapods and chelicerates. Our work includes assigning fossil taxa to their stem groups.

Current projects include:

  • Phylogenomic analyses using expressed sequence tags (ESTs)
  • Sampling the distribution of microRNAs in the major arthropod lineages as a new source of phylogenetic characters
  • Cladistic analysis of morphological data for a broad sample of extant and extinct species
  • Documentation of soft anatomy from arthropods in sites of exceptional preservation, especially Cambrian ‘Burgess Shale-type’ assemblages
  • Preservation and evolution of neural and sensory structures in Cambrian moulting animals
  • Ontogeny and evolution of anomalocaridids
Staff involved in these projects:

Dr Xiaoya Ma

Dr Greg Edgecombe