Ms Claire Griffin

Claire Griffin
  • Sequencing Facility
  • Science Facilities department
  • Molecular Biology Laboratories
Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road



1994 - 1998       B.Sc. Honours Degree (2nd Class) Applied Biology
                             University of Greenwich.


1999 - present      DNA Sequencing Facility Technician (Band 5)

1998 - 1999           MLA-Pathology and Medical Oncology.
                                 Charing Cross Hospital, London

Responsibilities and Expertise

  • I am responsible for the efficient daily running of the Museum’s DNA Sequencing Facility.
    This involves providing technical support to all Museum researchers undertaking all aspects of DNA
  • Sequencing. My main duties are to process the daily throughput of all sequencing samples, PCR purification samples, Plasmid DNA preparation and quantification of DNA. I also undertake the task of setting up subsequent sequencing reactions for any Scientist in the museum who wishes to make use of my expertise.
  • The Facility also takes on external work and collaborates with many other institutions such as Imperial College, London. I also aid teaching sequencing Techniques to new researchers, students and visitors at the Museum.
  • I analyse and assess the DNA sequencing results and troubleshoot any problem samples for both internal and external users.

The DNA Sequencing Facility is a unique specialist unit, thus we have very specialised equipment which requires very careful use. I am trained in both the programming and maintenance of each. We are not a multi user Facility, which means that our staff, carry out the work that other Scientists at the museum require. If it is a communal piece of lab equipment it is often our responsibility to ensure it is  
used and looked after responsibly.

We are an extremely busy Laboratory with at present, four members of staff, all using the equipment and the labs consumables. It is important therefore that we all help maintain a check on what we are using and replace anything before it runs out.

I am the longest serving Technician in the Facility and it is my responsibility to supervise the running of the Laboratory when the Facility Manager is away from the Museum.

First Aid

2011    I have been certified in First Aid for the Museum for 10 years. I am responsible for the staff in the Wolfson Welcome Biomedical Laboratories and Mammal Block of the Museum.


2004    Participated in the Darwin Live initiative, in a live web cast from the Molecular Biology Unit.

2006    Participated in the Nature Live sessions with Dr Suzanne Williams, in a live web cast from the Molecular Biology Unit, to the general public.

2007    Awarded honorary position of “ Student Associate”.


Publication Summary

I assist individual researchers on specific projects with a view to being named co-author on possible peer reviewed publications.

Stothard JR, Llewellyn-Hughes J, Griffin CE, Hubbard SJ, Kristensen TK & Rollinson D. 2002. Identification of snails within the Bulinus africanus group from East Africa by multiplex SNaPshot trade mark analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms within the cytochrome oxidase subunit I. Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz. 97 Suppl 1:31 - 6.

Galactionov,K., Griffin,C, Olson,P.D (in preparation) Interrelationships and biogeography
of “ pygmaeus” microphallids (Platyhelminthes: Digenea).