Dr Helena Wiklund

Helena Wiklund
  • Post-Doc Research Assistant, Seabed Resources
  • Life Sciences department
  • Aquatic Invertebrates Division
Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road


Osedax mucofloris

Osedax mucofloris

Post-doctoral Research Assistant: Seabed Resources, The Natural History Museum, London, UK. June 2013 - present.

Marie Curie Post-doctoral fellow, The Natural History Museum, London, UK. April 2011 - March 2013

Post-doctoral Research Assistant Syntax, The Natural History Museum, London, UK. May - November 2010  

PhD, University of Gothenburg, Göteborg, Sweden. 2005 - 2009   


Estimating biodiversity in UK’s polymetallic nodule mining claim in the deep Pacific

Orphyrotrocha scutellus

Orphyrotrocha scutellus

In spring 2013, a UK company announced its claim to mine an area of the oceanic abyss in the Pacific, in a region called the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone near Mexico.

In the claim area, polymetallic nodules cover parts of the seafloor, and little is known about the composition of the ecosystem surrounding those nodules. We will be cataloguing the biodiversity around polymetallic nodules and investigate connectivity patterns using molecular tools. 

Although we are working in this project with organisms from many different phyla, such as echinoderms, cnidarians and molluscs, our main focus is on the marine bristleworms, the polychaetes. Defining a baseline level of biodiversity and genetic connectivity will help us assess the potential future impacts of nodule mining on local ecosystems.

Polymetallic nodule biodiversity


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