Dr David Rollinson

David Rollinson
  • Merit Researcher
  • Life Sciences department
  • Parasites and Vectors Division
Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road


Present Position

Individual Merit Research Scientist (Band 1) and Head of the Biomedical Parasitology Group in the Life Sciences department at the Natural History Museum.

I am responsible for the Wolfson Wellcome Biomedical Laboratories and Director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for the identification and characterization of schistosomes and their snail intermediate hosts.


  • Socio Corrispondente of the Italian Society of Parasitology
  • The Bicentenary Medal of the Linnaean Society in recognition of work in zoology
  • Huxley Memorial Medal, Imperial College
  • Wright Medal, British Society for Parasitology
  • Honorary Foreign Member of the Slovak Society for Parasitology
  • Romanian National Commission for UNESCO Centennial Honour Medal
  • Honorary Professor, University of Aberdeen

Professional Roles

Editorial boards Appointments

1994                             Editor - Advances in Parasitology.
1987                             Parasitology
2002                             Journal of Helminthology
2005                             Helminthologia
2008                             Parasites and Vectors (Advisory Board)
2009                             Parasite

Honorary Appointments (from 2000)

2000- 2002                 Vice-President British Society for Parasitology
2002-2004                  President of the British Society for Parasitology
2002-2006                  External advisor to the Norwegian Centre for Biosystematics
2002-2006                  Vice-President of the World Federation of Parasitologists
2006-2010                  President of the World Federation of Parasitologists
2013                            WHO Expert Panel on Parasitic Diseases (Schistosomiasis)


University of Georgia Research Foundation (SCORE)

1. Study and Implementation of Schistosomiasis Elimination in Zanzibar (Unguja and Pemba Islands) Using an Integrated Multidisciplinary Approach

2. Population genetic structure of Schistosoma mansoni and Schistosoma haematobium under contrasting control regimes (with Professor J.P. Webster)

3. Snail Testing in the Context of Studies on Gaining and Sustaining Control of Schistosomiasis.

Wellcome Trust

4. SCAN: A Biological Repository for Schistosomiasis Research  (with Dr A. Emery)

Selected publications

  • Knopp, S., Person, B., Ame, S.M., Mohammed, K.A., Ali, S.M., Khamis, I.S., Rabone, M., Allan, F., Gouvras, A., Blair, L., Fenwick, A., Utzinger, J., Rollinson, D. ( 2013 ) Elimination of Schistosomiasis Transmission in Zanzibar: Baseline Findings before the Onset of a Randomized Intervention Trial PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 7(10) : e2474 .
  • Rollinson, D., Knopp, S., Levitz, S., Stothard, J.R., Tchuem Tchuenté, L.-A., Garba, A., Mohammed, K.A., Schur, N., Person, B., Colley, D.G., Utzinger, J. ( 2013 ) Time to set the agenda for schistosomiasis elimination Acta Tropica 128(2) : 423-440 .
  • Webster, B.L., Diaw, O.T., Seye, M.M., Faye, D.S., Stothard, J.R., Sousa-Figueiredo, J.C., Rollinson, D. ( 2013 ) Praziquantel treatment of school children from single and mixed infection foci of intestinal and urogenital schistosomiasis along the Senegal River Basin: Monitoring treatment success and re-infection patterns Acta Tropica 128(2) : 292-302 .
  • Webster, B.L., Diaw, O.T., Seye, M.M., Webster, J.P., Rollinson, D. ( 2013 ) Introgressive Hybridization of Schistosoma haematobium Group Species in Senegal: Species Barrier Break Down between Ruminant and Human Schistosomes PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 7(4) : e2110 .
  • Rollinson, D. ( 2009 ) A wake up call for urinary schistosomiasis: Reconciling research effort with public health importance Parasitology 136(12) : 1593-1610 .
  • Fenwick, A., Rollinson, D., Southgate V.R. ( 2006 ) Implementation of human schistosomiasis control: challenges and prospects Advances in Parasitology 61 : 567-622 . Advances in Parasitology
  • D. Rollinson, E.V. Klinger, A.F. Mgeni, S. Khamis and J.R. Stothard. ( 2005 ) Urinary schistosomiasis on Zanzibar: application of two novel assays for the detection of excreted albumin and haemoglobin in urine Journal of Helminthology 79 : 199-206 . 10.1079/JOH2005305
  • A.E. Lockyer, Jones CS, Noble LR & Rollinson D ( 2004 ) Trematodes and snails, an intimate association Canadian Journal of Zoology 82 : 251-269 . Canadian Journal of Zoology
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  • Rollinson, D., Stothard, J. R., & Southgate, V. R. ( 2001 ) Interactions between intermediate snail hosts of the genus Bulinus and schistosomes of the Schistosoma haematobium group Parasitology 123 : S245-S260 . 10.1017/S0031182001008046
  • Stothard, J., Bremond, P., Andriamaro, L., Sellin, B., Sellin, E., & Rollinson, D. ( 2001 ) Bulinus species on Madagascar: molecular evolution, genetic markers and compatibility with Schistosoma haematobium Parasitology 123 : S261-275 . 10.1017/S003118200100806X
  • Campbell, G., Jones, C. S., Lockyer, A. E., Hughes, S., Brown, D. S., Noble, L. R., & Rollinson, D. ( 2000 ) Molecular evidence supports an African affinity of the Neotropical freshwater gastropod, Biomphalaria glabrata, Say 1818, an intermediate host for Schistosoma mansoni Proceedings of the Royal Society London 267 : 2351-2358 . 10.1098/rspb.2000.1291