Dr William Dubbin

  • Researcher Economic & Environ Mineralogy
  • Earth Sciences department
  • Economic and Environmental Earth Sciences
Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road


Employment history     

1997-present               Research Mineralogist, Earth Sciences Department, NHM

1995-1997                   NSERC (Canada) International Postdoctoral Research Fellow

                                    Environmental Geochemistry Research Group, Univ of California, Berkeley


   1995  PhD, Soil Chemistry / Mineralogy, University of Manitoba

   1991  MSc, Soil Mineralogy, University of Saskatchewan

   1989  BSA (Hons), Soil Science, University of Saskatchewan

   1986  BSc, Biochemistry, University of Saskatchewan

Professional Roles


Research Council Funding as Principal Investigator:

NERC (2010-11), Adsorption of humic acid to interlamellar surfaces of montmorillonite [Ref. NE/H010955/1]

NERC (2009-10), Control of catecholate ligand metal preference by fulvic acid [Ref. NE/G009422/1]

NERC (2005-06), Organic carbon adsorption to phyllosilicate siloxane surfaces [Ref. NE/C514731/1]

NERC (1999-00), Function of siderophores in trace metal cycling [Ref. GR8/03766]

External committees

Member, NERC Peer Review College (2008-present)



Our research encompasses soil mineralogy and environmental biogeochemistry, focusing on molecular-level interactions at the geosphere/biosphere interface, particularly organo-mineral interactions in soils and sediments.


  • Carbon sequestration in soils, with an emphasis on the minerals and mechanisms contributing to long-term organic carbon stability in terrestrial environments
  • Interactions of microbial metabolites with soil minerals, including the influence of fulvic acid presence on siderophore-mediated dissolution of goethite and other Fe(III)-oxides
  • Geochemistry of inorganic toxins in soils, sediments and aqueous environments. Adsorption and assimilation of contaminants, principally Pb, Cd and As, by jarosite group minerals in soils and associated sediments contaminated by mine waste [with K Hudson-Edwards, Birkbeck].
  • Co-evolution of plants and soils – a comparative approach. Investigation of the evolution of plants and soils in early terrestrial ecosystems



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