Lindsay Percival
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Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road


Employment history

2008 - Present:       Curator/Documentation Officer of Fossil Cephalopods,
                                   The Natural History Museum, London

2007 - 2008:            Documentation Assistant, Hull Museums and Art Gallery

2007 - 2007:            Leicester University Museum Experience Network (LUMeN) Placement,
                                   Northampton Museums and Art Gallery

2006 - 2006:            Museum Attendant, Lapworth Museum, University of Birmingham



2006 – 2007:        MSc Museum Studies with Merit (The University of Leicester)

2003 – 2006:        BSc Geology with First Class Hons (The University of Birmingham)

2001 – 2003:        A-Levels; Biology, Geography, Geology
                                AS-Levels; Design & Technology (John Leggott College, Scunthorpe)



Image of Macroscaphites yvanii (Puzos 1832)

Macroscaphites yvanii (Puzos 1832) from France.  This specimen is a heteromorph ammonite, which literally means 'different shaped', due to its irregular uncoiled form.

I am responsible for the curation of the fossil cephalopod collections.  The collections are divided into three groups: Ammonoidea, Nautiloidea and Coleoidea (Belemnoids and other squid-like animals).

As Curator/Documentation Officer of Cephalopods my main responsibilities involve:


  • Managing and maintaining the collection
  • Sustaining good storage conditions
  • Facilitating loans with other institutions
  • Recording specimen information into the database
  • Dealing with new acquisitions
  • Providing access to the collections

Current Projects

  • Documenting and improving storage of Type and Figured specimens
  • Documenting and improving storage of G. Mantell specimens
  • Creating a comprehensive species list for the cephalopod collection



Image of Hildoceras snakestone

Hildoceras ammonite with a carved snake's head.  Also known as a snakestone due to an old myth that ammonites are the petrified remains of snakes.

My main interests in palaeontology and curation include:

  • Fossil folklore
  • Heteromorph ammonites
  • Soft-body preservation of fossil squid
  • Collection history
  • Care of collections
  • Collection access and awareness

During my time as curator I am interested in improving access to and awareness of the cephalopod collection through creating a comprehensive species list, as well as developing magazine articles, talks and out-reach events.


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