Prof Ian Barnes

Ian Barnes
  • Research Leader
  • Earth Sciences department
  • Vertebrates and Anthropology Palaeobiology
Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road


Employment history

2013 - present        Research Leader, Vertebrates and Anthropology, Earth Sciences, NHM

2008 - 2013             Reader, then Professor in Molecular Palaeobiology, School of 
                                   Biological Sciences, RHUL.

2005 - 2008             NERC Postdoctoral Fellow/Senior Lecturer in Evolution, School of 
                                   Biological Sciences, RHUL.

2002 - 2005             Wellcome Bioarchaeology Fellow, Department of Biology, University 
                                   College London.

1999 - 2002             NERC funded Research Assistant, Department of Biological Anthropology, 
                                   University of Oxford.

1998 - 1999             Wellcome Trust funded Research Assistant, Department of Bacteriology 
                                   and Department of Biology, UCL.


1994 - 1998             D.Phil., Department of Biology, University of York. 
                                   Thesis title: The Molecular Identification of Goose Species in 
                                   Archaeozoological Assemblages.

1990 - 1994             B.Sc. (Hons) Archaeological Sciences (2:1)
                                   Department of Archaeological Sciences, University of Bradford.

Professional Roles


  • Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award (2013-116) £415 383. Human Adaptation to Changing Diet and Infectious Disease Loads, from the Origins of Agriculture to the Present.
  • NERC (2012-15) £21 021. Seeing genes in space & time: the evolution of neutral and functional genetic diversity using woolly mammoth. Main grant held by PI Michi Hofreiter (York).
  • IoZ/ZSL (2012-13) £1 000. Chinese mammal genetic analyses.
  • Royal Society (2012-13) £9 000. Evolutionary History of Caribbean Mammals.
  • CEE (2012-13) £4 100. Evolution of the Primate Gut Microbiota. Co-I with Helen Chatterjee and  Dave Spratt (UCL).
  • EU FP7 SYNTHESYS II (2010-13) €173 785. Joint Research Activity 3: Methods for Optimal Recovery of DNA from Osteological Remains (MORDOR).
  • Systematics Association (2011-12) £9 501. Collagen: the Barcode of Death. Co-I with Matthew Collins (York) and Sam Turvey (IoZ).
  • BiodivERsA (2008-12) £295 000. Integrating Ancient DNA and Ecological Modelling to Quantify the Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity. Lead investigator, co-investigators Nigel Yoccos (Tromso) and Love Dalén (Stockholm).
  • CEE (2008) £1290. Evolution and conservation of a threatened West Indian land mammal: phylogeography and population analyses of the Hispaniolan hutia Plagiodontia aedium. Co-I with Sam Turvey (IoZ).
  • NERC/ORADS (2008) 34 radiocarbon dates, £11 730 equivalent. The role of climate change in species range shifts: an ancient DNA study of Quaternary red deer. Equal co-applicant with Adrian Lister (Natural History Museum) and M. Meiri.
  • EU Marie Curie Fellowship (2006-08) £105 182. The Genetics of Climate Change in the Late Pleistocene. Host for Love Dalén.
  • Royal Society (2006-07) £14 192. Mycorrhizal Diversity in Late Quaternary Permafrost Soil.
  • NERC (2005-08) £158 900. Postdoctoral Fellowship, The Genetics of Mammalian Speciation and Extinction in the Late Pleistocene.
  • Wellcome Trust (2002-05) £189 874. Bioarchaeology Fellowship, The Preservation of Pathogen Biomolecules in Medical Museum Bone Specimens.
  • NERC/ORADS (2001) 25 radiocarbon dates, £7 125 equivalent. A study of Pleistocene remains of short faced bear and cave lion. Co-applicant with Alan Cooper (Oxford).

External roles

2011 - present            Member, NERC Peer Review College.

2010 - present            SYNTHESYS II UK User Application Panel.

2009 - present            Member, NERC Radiocarbon Steering Committee.

2008 - 2010                Scientific Committee, International Conference on Mammoths and their 

2007 - present            Fellow, Linnean Society of London.

2007 - 2012                Centre for Ecology and Evolution, RHUL representative.

Peer review

A top 300 reviewer for Molecular Ecology, and have reviewed papers for many other journals including Nature, Science, PNAS, Systematic Biology, Molecular Biology and Evolution, Quaternary Science Reviews, Journal of Biogeography, Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, Proceedings of the Royal Society Series B, Archaeometry and PloS One.

Post-graduate student supervision

  • Rosie Woods, PhD student (2013-16). Proposed thesis title: Molecular systematics and the evolution of the Caribbean mammal fauna. (Main Supervisor, co-supervised with Sam Turvey, IoZ, and Mark Brown, RHUL).
  • Melissa Marr, PhD student (2013-16). Proposed thesis title: Faunal Response to Abrupt Climate Change: the History of the British Fauna from the Lateglacial to the Early Holocene. (Co-supervisor, main supervisor is D. Schreve, Geography, RHUL).
  • Victoria Mullin, MSc student (2011-12) To ZooMS or not to ZooMS that is the Question; a Comparative Study of Taxonomic Identification Techniques: Ancient DNA Analysis and Zooarchaeology by Mass Spectrometry.
  • Peter Heintzman, PhD student (2009-2012) The Preservation and Postglacial History of Ice Age Holarctic Beetles, as Inferred from Museum and Ancient DNA. (with S. Elias, Geography, RHUL).
  • Claire Workman, MSc student (2008-09) A Functional Analysis of Coat Colour Polymorphism in the Woolly Mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius).
  • Selina Brace, PhD student (2007-10). Investigating Evolutionary Processes using Ancient and Historical DNA of Rodent Species.
  • Joanne Humphries, MSc student (2007-8) Development of a Microsatellite System for Analysis of Woolly Mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) Populations.
  • Meirav Meiri, PhD student (2006-09). The Role of Environmental Change in Species Range Shifts – Analysis of Quaternary Deer using Ancient DNA. (with A. Lister, Natural History Museum).



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