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The atmospheric Gallery 6 at Tring

A cultural experience: Humanities research at the Natural History Museum

24 September 2015 14:30

Humanities researchers share their experience of working in the Museum's Centre for Arts and Humanities Research.

Julie Harvey

Head of the Centre for Arts and Humanities Research, the Natural History Museum

Victoria Pickering

PhD student

Dr Geoff Belknap

Post-doctoral researcher

Flett Lecture Theatre

Curatorial research and the public

29 October 2015 14:30

Understanding the life and work of a Victorian ornithologist, Henry Dresser.

Henry McGhie

Head of Collections and Curator of Zoology (Honorary Scientific Associate, Faculty of Life Sciences), Manchester Museum

Flett Lecture Theatre


26 November 2015 14:30

A talk about a pilot system aimed at directing and structuring natural science enquiries across the UK.

Rob Huxley

Project Lead, UK National Programme: Collections, Natural History Museum

Nick Poole

Director of the Collections Trust

Flett Lecture Theatre

Types of seminar

The Natural History Museum hosts specialist seminars aimed at collections management and the research communities based within the Museum and externally. They provide:

  • expert views on current science
  • a forum for discussion 
  • an opportunity to develop networking and collaboration.

Collections management seminars

Collections management seminars are organised by the Collections Management Committee.

They present up-to-date information relating to the care and conservation of collections across the institution and within museums generally.

Departmental seminars

Departmental seminars are organised by the earth and life sciences departments. 

Invited speakers present their latest research. Speakers include:

  • visiting specialists
  • students
  • staff
  • scientific associates.

Science Forum 'SciFri' Talks

These are cross-departmental monthly talks, usually by external speakers.

They are informal and inter-disciplinary covering a range of fields including:

  • latest research
  • science policy
  • publishing
  • media
  • fieldwork
  • science methods.

Additional regular yearly events:

  • Earth Perspectives Lecture
  • Darwin's Birthday (February)
  • Young Systematists Forum
  • Annual Student Conference & Thackray Lecture

CEE seminars

The Museum is a partner of the Centre for Ecology and Evolution, which fosters collaboration between researchers in London working on evolution and ecology.

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