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The history of Integrated Pest Management at the Museum

27 October 2016 14.30-16.00

Collections seminar

Since the 1970s, when the Museum first recruited an entomologist to deal with a varied carpet beetle infestation affecting a quagga specimen (Equus quagga) at Tring, we have made significant advances in preventive conservation.

Integrated Pest Management is now the standard in best practice across the world for cultural heritage institutions. It allows us to preserve and protect our legacy of collections with minimal or no use of pesticides.

This seminar aims to explain the origin and development of the programme, the correlation between pest species and human activities, and our constant battle to catch up with the biological and behavioural changes that these pests undergo.

Read the flyer (PDF 437KB)

Venue: Flett Events Theatre, Natural History Museum
Refreshments: Tea and coffee will be available in the Flett lobby after the talk.
How to book: Please email Zoë Hughes for more information, or to book a place. Natural History Museum staff do not need to book.

The dominant role of mergers in evolutionary history

28 October 2016 16.30

SciFri seminar

For a long time, evolutionary histories have been represented by branching tree diagrams, depicting ramifications where a single ancestral gene, genome, species or more generally, node, splits into two descendants.

In this talk, Professor McInerney will argue that the tree metaphor is inadequate to depict the reality of gene, genome and organismal evolution.

He will outline the problem we face in the construction of more realistic diagrams relating evolving objects, and propose ways of addressing splittings and mergings on the same graph.

Speaker: Professor James McInerney (University of Manchester)
Venue: Neil Chalmers Seminar Room, Natural History Museum

If you are external to the Museum and would like to attend, please contact a staff member who has links to your interest or area of expertise.

Evolution of exceptional longevity in bats: do they hold the secret to everlasting youth?

25 November 2016 16.30

SciFri seminar

Speaker: Professor Emma Teeling (University College Dublin)
Venue: Neil Chalmers Seminar Room, Natural History Museum

If you are external to the Museum and would like to attend, please contact a staff member who has links to your interest or area of expertise.

The Marsh Awards for Palaeontology and Mineralogy

3 February 2017

Special event: awards presentation

Venue: Flett Theatre, Natural History Museum
More information: Contact Dr Martha Richter

Workshop: Chondrules and the protoplanetary disk

27-28 February 2017 

Special event

Organisers: Professor Sara Russell, Dr Harold Connolly and Dr Sasha Krot
Venue: Natural History Museum
More information: Workshop flyer PDF (262KB)

Types of seminar

The Natural History Museum hosts specialist seminars aimed at collections management and the research communities based within the Museum and externally. They provide:

  • expert views on current science
  • a forum for discussion 
  • an opportunity to develop networking and collaboration.

Collections management seminars

Collections management seminars are organised by the Collections Management Committee.

They present up-to-date information relating to the care and conservation of collections across the institution and within museums generally.

Departmental seminars

Departmental seminars are organised by the earth and life sciences departments and the core research laboratories. 

Invited speakers present their latest research. Speakers include:

  • visiting specialists
  • students
  • staff
  • scientific associates.

Science Forum 'SciFri' Talks

These are cross-departmental monthly talks, usually by external speakers.

They are informal and inter-disciplinary covering a range of fields including:

  • latest research
  • science policy
  • publishing
  • media
  • fieldwork
  • science methods.

Additional regular yearly events:

  • Earth Perspectives Lecture
  • Darwin's Birthday (February)
  • Young Systematists Forum
  • Annual Student Conference & Thackray Lecture

CEE seminars

The Museum is a partner of the Centre for Ecology and Evolution, which fosters collaboration between researchers in London working on evolution and ecology.


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