Science events

The atmospheric Gallery 6 at Tring

Earth sciences department seminars - double session

13 October 2015 16:00

Lower Toarcian foraminifera in the Western Sector of the Basque-Cantabrian Basin (Spain)


  • Roselis Waikiria Salazar
    University Complutense of Madrid, Spain

Conservation Palaeobiology: establishing a baseline for Chesapeake Bay oyster restoration


  • Professor Rowan Lockwood
    University Complutense of Madrid, Spain

Venue: Earth Sciences seminar room

Curatorial research and the public

29 October 2015 14:30

Understanding the life and work of a Victorian ornithologist, Henry Dresser.


  • Henry McGhie
    Head of Collections and Curator of Zoology (Honorary Scientific Associate, Faculty of Life Sciences), Manchester Museum

Venue: Flett Lecture Theatre

Meteorites and Solar System formation workshop

04 November 2015 10:30-18:00

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Barwell meteorite fall. 

To celebrate the fall of Barwell, and to bring together the UK cosmochemistry community, we are holding a birthday party for Barwell which will include a Meteorites and Solar System Formation workshop.

To register for this event contact Ashley King

View the workshop programme PDF (195KB)

Venue: Flett Lecture Theatre

Seabed to Stone: the ornamental marbles in the Natural History Museum

09 November 2015 14:00

A talk by Prof Gordon Walkden followed by a tour of the decorative stones in the Museum's Earth Galleries.


Venue: Flett Lecture Theatre

17th Young Systematists' Forum

20 November 2015 9:30

An exciting setting for Masters, PhD and young postdoctoral researchers to present their data, often for the first time, to a scientific audience interested in taxonomy, systematics and phylogenetics. 

Prizes will be awarded for the most promising oral and poster presentation as judged by a small panel on the day.

Send applications by email to, supplying your name, academic or contact address, stage of your career (MSc student, PhD student, postdoc) and stating whether or not you wish to give an oral or poster presentation. 

Registration: Free

Venue: Flett Lecture Theatre


26 November 2015 14:30

A talk about a pilot system aimed at directing and structuring natural science enquiries across the UK.


  • Dr Rob Huxley
    Project Lead, UK National Programme: Collections, Natural History Museum
  • Nick Poole
    Director of the Collections Trust

Venue: Flett Lecture Theatre

SciFri talks

27 November 2015 16:30

Chasing water: Why ocean currents matter to plastic, plankton and palaeoproxies


Venue: Flett theatre

SciFri talks

30 November 2015 16:30

Caves, caries and cemeteries: Human evolution and behaviour in the Moroccan Palaeolithic.


Venue: Neil Chalmers seminar room

Types of seminar

The Natural History Museum hosts specialist seminars aimed at collections management and the research communities based within the Museum and externally. They provide:

  • expert views on current science
  • a forum for discussion 
  • an opportunity to develop networking and collaboration.

Collections management seminars

Collections management seminars are organised by the Collections Management Committee.

They present up-to-date information relating to the care and conservation of collections across the institution and within museums generally.

Departmental seminars

Departmental seminars are organised by the earth and life sciences departments. 

Invited speakers present their latest research. Speakers include:

  • visiting specialists
  • students
  • staff
  • scientific associates.

Science Forum 'SciFri' Talks

These are cross-departmental monthly talks, usually by external speakers.

They are informal and inter-disciplinary covering a range of fields including:

  • latest research
  • science policy
  • publishing
  • media
  • fieldwork
  • science methods.

Additional regular yearly events:

  • Earth Perspectives Lecture
  • Darwin's Birthday (February)
  • Young Systematists Forum
  • Annual Student Conference & Thackray Lecture

CEE seminars

The Museum is a partner of the Centre for Ecology and Evolution, which fosters collaboration between researchers in London working on evolution and ecology.

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