3E08 Plants | Natural History Museum


Angiosperm research

We are finding new foods by searching for wild relatives of crops, creating tools for biodiversity conservation and assessing how threatened plants are globally.

Fern research

Our scientists are focusing on the origin and conservation of fern diversity through time by studying fern population genetics and phylogenetics.

Evolution of fern diversity 162C

Bryophyte research

We are focusing on the exploration, description and monitoring of bryophyte flora in the tropics, as indicators of the quality and health of their ecosystems.

Phylogeny and DNA taxonomy of derived liverworts

Core research labs

Our core research lab teams are available for complex on-site imaging, molecular analysis and conservation of biological samples.


Undertake professional and postgraduate training in plant sciences. 

Jaltomata bicolor

0047 British and Irish herbarium 016F

An important resource for scientists studying climate and vegetation changes.

03C9 Rhodobryum roseuml 017C

0041 Bryophyte collections 0187

We house one of the largest bryophyte herbaria with over 900,000 specimens and 32,000 type specimens.

0451 Sori of sword fern, Polystichum munitum 017C

003C Fern collections 1D0B

Our important collection include major historical and modern fern collections and over 280,000 specimens.

Attend seminars and conferences for scientists