Who were the Neanderthals?

    5 May 2018

    Explore Neanderthal facts, from looks to lifestyle and abilities. These early humans are far more similar to us than once believed.


    Planet Mars

    3 May 2018

    Explore facts about Mars, the red planet.


    Planet Mercury

    15 March 2018

    Explore facts about Mercury, our solar system's fastest planet.

  • Inside bioinformatics: Q&A with Dr Katherine James

    13 March 2018

    Dr Katherine James combines her love of biology and computing to interpret complex genetic data.


    The spectacular display of the mobula ray

    28 October 2017

    Why do some rays belly flop?

  • A year of British garden wildlife

    21 July 2017

    Join the team from BBC TV programme The British Garden: Life and Death on Your Lawn to uncover some of the hidden wildlife you could spot throughout the year.

  • Spotlight: the Madagascan moon moth

    14 June 2017

    Living for a week at most, the Madagascan moon moth has a lot to accomplish in its short life.

  • Spotlight: the great eggfly

    5 May 2017

    A stunning species with a disturbing diet: meet the butterflies sipping on human sweat.

  • Rainbow nature: life in flaming orange

    29 August 2016

    Orange is the colour of zesty fruits and staple carrots, common fish and show-off birds.

  • Spotlight: tiger longwing

    14 July 2016

    Newborn humans take years to become adults - but for butterflies, the miraculous process takes just a few weeks.


    Planet Earth

    14 June 2016

    A distinctive blue and green image of Earth reveals our planet's most remarkable features.


    Planet Neptune

    3 May 2016

    Our solar system's outermost planet may be last but it's certainly not least. Get the facts on this planet of extremes. 

  • Beauty of the dual-gender butterfly

    12 April 2016

    A one-in-10,000 genetic mystery - discover the stunning split-sex butterflies baffling scientists.


    The Moon

    4 April 2016

    The surface of the Moon is speckled with craters - why doesn't Earth have a similarly scarred surface?

  • Spotlight: the owl butterfly

    22 March 2016

    The owl butterfly's love of fruit juice can land it in trouble. Expert Luke Brown explains why.

  • Seven of the world's weirdest moths

    17 March 2016

    From moths eating their own mothers to carnivorous caterpillars on the rampage, the world of insects isn't always as it seems.


    Planet Jupiter

    8 March 2016

    Giant auroras, raging clouds and a storm three centuries in the making - Jupiter is every bit as dramatic as its appearance suggests.


    Planet Uranus

    23 February 2016

    Cold, dark and windswept - despite its calm appearance, the ice giant Uranus is a planet of extremes.


    Planet Saturn

    11 February 2016

    Blue skies on a golden planet, and two of our solar system's greatest extremes – Saturn is a planet of contrasts and surprises.


    Planet Venus

    27 January 2016

    Acid clouds and floods of lava – it may be our nearest planetary neighbour, but Venus is utterly inhospitable to human life.


    The Sun

    15 January 2016

    The last 100 years have transformed our understanding of the Sun, but our star is yet to be fully understood.


    Dwarf planet Pluto

    4 January 2016

    A blue atmosphere, smooth areas, and youthful mountain ranges - this dwarf planet is full of surprises.