Endangered species


    A lifetime on the bottom of the sea

    20 December 2017

    What is it like to stand on the ocean floor? What do you learn from a lifetime spent in the heart of the sea? 

  • Pangolins in pictures

    16 February 2017

    Wildlife Photographer of the Year finalists document the desperate story of the pangolin.

  • The fight to save the world's ecosystems

    14 February 2017

    Deforestation has slashed species diversity in ecosystems on land. But how can we stop further losses?

  • Could giraffes become extinct?

    2 February 2017

    Mammals expert Richard Sabin explains why giraffe numbers have plummeted in the past 15 years.

  • On the trail of polar bears

    10 December 2016

    Wildlife photographer Daisy Gilardini documents the lives of polar bear cubs in some of the most brutal temperatures on Earth.

  • Fishing for new life

    1 August 2015

    Meet some of the strange life forms that Museum scientists are uncovering in the peat swamps of southeast Asia.

  • Plants under pressure

    1 August 2015

    One fifth of the world's plant species are threatened with extinction. Museum scientists and collaborators discuss this shocking statistic.


    Coral reefs: Lessons from the past

    8 January 2015

    Find out how Dr Ken Johnson is using 12-million-year-old fossil corals to hunt for clues about the future of our reefs.