Treasures of the Natural World


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A range of our finest objects and specimens have been selected for their cultural and scientific importance, colourful stories and the historical events they represent.  

These treasures of the natural world are now available as part of this exciting new exhibition. Many of them have never left the Museum before.

The captivating stories behind each treasure will be told through engaging exhibition multimedia, bringing the Museum's collection to life to inspire and delight.

Visitors can to learn about the people who answered the big questions that changed our understanding of the natural world.

Iconic specimens

Specimens include finches Charles Darwin studied to test his theory of evolution by natural selection, items belonging to Sir Hans Sloane, the physician and scientist whose private collection formed the basis for the Museum, and the first fossil Iguanodon bone described by Richard Owen in the paper where he coined the term dinosaur.

More information

For more information about the exhibition, please download the Treasures brochure.


Developed as a package for a 1,000m2 (11,000sqft) display space, the exhibition consists of the following components:

  • up to 150 Natural History Museum collection objects, with bespoke mounts
  • full exhibition text, panels, labels and images
  • multimedia assets
  • design look and feel for 2D and 3D exhibition elements
  • set of fine art crates for object transportation
  • optional retail and publishing products

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