Cookies on the Museum's website

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are sent to your computer by websites that you visit.

They are used widely to improve how websites work, such as enabling interactive features, and to provide information to website owners about how their site is used and how well it is performing.

Legislation about cookies

The EU cookie law, introduced in 2011, requires that websites make clear how and why they use cookies.

Below, you can find information about all the cookies that we use on the Natural History Museum ("NHM") website ("The Site"), and our affiliated websites.


Cookie name
More information
Double Click Used to anonymously collect demographic information The cookie is used across the entire Natural History Museum domain
_we_wk_ss_lsf Used by our WebEngage survey software to determine if you have visited our website before, whether or not you have completed a survey before and the last time you did so The cookie is used across the main sections of our website
__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz, _ga, __gat Used to collect information anonymously about how visitors use the Site. We use the information to compile reports and to make improvements Google analytics cookies are used across the whole NHM domain
nhm.sso.loggedIn, CASTGC, JSESSIONID Used when you log in to the main area of the Museum's website to use our Nature Plus forums, Jobs website or online shop  
jive.user.loggedIn, Used when you log in to our online community, NaturePlus  
datr Used to track Facebook login status, for sharing content to Facebook. These cookies are used when a Facebook 'Like' button is embedded into a page
twll, k, k (, pid, original_referer, _twitter_sess Multiple cookies used by Twitter services, to monitor referral links, and login status. These are used where the 'Tweet this' button or other Twitter widgets are present on the website
PREF Stores Google Search preferences Used across the website to support the internal search engine functionality
jive.recentHistory.-1, jive.recentHistory.{userid} Stores browsed NaturePlus content identifiers, creates one cookie for all non-logged in users and individual cookies for logged in users Used within the NaturePlus section
JSESSIONID Stores basket and login information to enable effective online transactions Used within the Shop section
BROWSERSESSION, Coyote-2-d04dd0ad Stores basket and login information to enable effective online transactions Used within the Prints on Demand section
CX_70836731, _ga, _gat, ep201, ep202 For tracking anonymous data about web form completion rates These cookies are used in the customer feedback pop-up on the online shop
CACHED_FRONT_FORM_KEY, CART, CATEGORY_INFO, LAST_CATEGORY, PHPSESSID, VIEWED_PRODUCT_IDS, adminhtml, frontend Records user preferences and online experience for online shop Used on the online shop
_ga, _gat, acc, basketSequence, caption, colorDepth, CWSESSIONID, lang2, lightboxSequence, maximized, PHPSESSID, screenResolution, Zoom Used in to store information relating to search results and items in the basket and lightbox. Used within the NHM Images website
.ASPXFORMSAUTH, ASP.NET_SessionId Session cookies that are used to manage logged in users Used within our recruitment portal Used to record a user vote for a competition entry for the Wildlife Photographer of the year competition Found within the Wildlife Photographer of the Year section
Activityino2, targetinginfo, u2 Used to assess the effectiveness of our digital marketing, and to ensure we do not expose you to the same advert multiple times. The cookie does not capture personal or sensitive information. Found within the Wildlife Photographer of the Year section Persistent for four months.
Archive.Catalog.Search Stores search history for library catalogue Only used within the library section at
site-version Records user selection of viewing device preference (mobile or desktop) Used across the website when a user chooses to view in either 'desktop' or 'mobile' mode.
nhm-cookies Records user acceptance of cookie notice Used across the website to control the cookie notification banner
_stid, _uset _uset records when you receive a cookie from our Share This tool, and _stid associates users with topics of interest to help advertisers deliver targeted messages _stid is only currently used in the United States and not within the European Union
_qca Used to asses the effectiveness of our digital marketing. The cookie does not capture personal or sensitive information Found on all pages

Cookies on social media websites and partner sites

The Museum has a presence on websites such as YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter, who use their own cookies.

We also host content on other domains, including partner websites and other affiliated sites.

We are monitoring how cookies used on these sites affect user privacy, but we recommend that you check individual websites for more information.

Opting out of receiving cookies

You can decline cookies by modifying the privacy settings in your web browser. However, if you do this you may not be able to use all the interactive features of our website or other sites.

Find out all about cookies and how to disable them by visiting

Last updated: 19 October 2017.