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Bruguiera gymnorrhiza

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Species: Bruguiera Gymnorrhiza
Family: Rhizophoraceae
Authority: Lamarck, Encycl. 4(2): 696, t. 397 (1798).
Country: Australia
Place: Bay Of Inlets
Artist: Frederick Polydore Nodder
Format: Finished Drawing
Medium: Watercolours On Paper
Dimensions: 540 x 365/460 mm
Collection: A.0003./.0119./.0002
Specimen: Bay of Inlets
Notes Recto: [ink] 'Fred.k Polydore Nodder, Pinxt 1777'; [pencil] 'Rhizophora Gynorhiza' [unknown]
Notes Verso: 'Bustard Bay' [JB]
Citation: Bacstrom, S. Ms. : 80
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