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Galleries and Museum map

Mammals and blue whale gallery

Blue Zone

From dinosaurs to massive mammals, explore the amazing diversity of life on Earth.

Earth Hall and Stegosaurus

Red Zone

Take a journey through our spectacular Earth sculpture and find out about the tremendous forces that shape our planet.

Ecology gallery

Green Zone

Follow our planet's evolution and uncover the fascinating relationships between life forms and their environments.

The Darwin Centre

Orange Zone

See scientists at work in the Darwin Centre, and enjoy the tranquil habitats of our Wildlife Garden.

Museum map

Plan your trip with the Museum map. You can also buy a map for £1 when you arrive.

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Self-guided tours

Museum trails

Want to see as much of the Museum as you can, but not sure where to begin? Discover highlights from each of the Museum's four zones with our trails.

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Gallery announcements

We sometimes need to close areas of the Museum for refurbishment. Check these updates before your visit.

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