Molecular laboratories

Working in the molecular labs

Working in the molecular labs

The molecular laboratories provide an unsurpassed working environment for both new and established researchers.

The laboratories are also a centre for learning, graduate training and consultation.

Working in the labs

In order to start working in the molecular laboratories you need to read and sign the guidelines for your area:

You can help us by doing the following:

  • give advance notice of all lab visitors
  • give advanced confirmation of an externally funded project and budget
  • set sensible and realistic research output requirements
  • provide funding for external visitors and students
  • timely discussion in advance of grant applications
  • confirmed start and finish project dates.


Read our protocols for common techniques:

Our services

Our team are available for contract work and a full consultancy service including experimental design and technical capabilities. We offer automated pipeline processes for high-throughput projects, as well as small scale research.

Find out more about the full range of services we offer.

Equipment, reagents and ordering


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If you still need an answer, send us an email.

Teaching and training

The lab team has a comprehensive variety of expertise and we are happy to train people in any of our areas of expertise.

We currently run training for:

  • undergraduate and post graduate courses
  • individual students and researchers (staff and visitors)
  • teachers and school children.