Petrology team

Meet the staff involved in petrology and petrogenesis-related research at the Museum. 


Dr Chiara Maria Petrone
Dr Chiara Maria Petrone

Igneous petrologist and volcanologist working on arc magmatism (Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt, Aegean Arc, Aeolian Arc) and active volcanoes (Popocatépetl, Stromboli, Vesuvius, Santorini).

Emma Williams
Dr Emma Humphreys-Williams

Analytical chemist studying melting of the mantle in intraplate regions and carbonatites.

Ms Liz Evans - PhD student 

Ms Emma Dowman - PhD student 

Ms Eve Rooks - PhD 

Mr Krishan Bhanot - PhD


David Smith, Curator.
Mr David Smith

Petrology curator in the Earth Sciences department.

Scientific associates

Dr Alan Woolley

Prof Hilary Downes 

Dr Anatoly Zaitsev

Dr Terry Williams 

Prof Frances Wall


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