Dr David Rollinson

Dr David Rollinson

Merit Researcher

Department: Life Sciences
Division: LS Parasites and Vectors Division
Contact: email
Phone: 02079425181


My main area of research concerns the characterization and biology of trematode parasites and their molluscan hosts in Africa. My goal is to work towards a better synthesis and understanding of host parasite interactions especially of the schistosome snail model. The driving force of evolution is particularly striking when considering the interplay between host and parasite genomes and my research seeks to explore the intricacies of these interactions in detail. My team employs a multidisciplinary approach and current projects range from investigating the significance and impact of hybrid schistosomes to the implementation of Neglected Tropical Disease control programmes, especially the elimination of schistosomiasis.



PhD, DIC, Imperial College London, UK

Employment history


Merit Research Scientist, The Natural History Museum, Life Sciences, UK, 1976 - ongoing

Professor, University of Aberdeen, Life Sciences, UK, 2011 - ongoing


Director WHO Collaborating Centre Schistosomiasis, NHM, 2005 - ongoing

Editor Advances in Parasitology, Elsevier, 1994 - ongoing


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