Mr Alessandro Giusti

Mr Alessandro Giusti

Curator, Lepidoptera

Department: Life Sciences
Division: LS Insects
Contact: email
Curator of Lepidoptera blog


Curation of Insect Collections, Lepidoptera in the families Sphingidae, Limacodidae & Lasiocampidae.


I am a curator in the Insects Division and I am responsible for the curation of parts of the Lepidoptera collections. My current projects are: - Re-curation of the Sphingidae (Hawkmoths) collection (in collaboration with Dr Ian Kitching). - Re-curation of the Lasiocampidae (Eggars, Lappets, etc.) collection. - Re-curation of the Limacodidae (Slug moths) collection. This last task is virtually completed and we now have 263 accession size drawers with fully labelled and databased Limacodidae, covering a total of about 1550 species. Other tasks I am involved with are: identifying, transferring and labelling specimens, recording them into our database, answering queries made to our section about certain species of Lepidoptera. I also look after visitors who come to our Museum from other institutions to study a particular group of Lepidoptera. Sometimes I supervise students who are here on work experience, volunteers who offer invaluable help. Occasionally I go out on fieldwork to collect new specimens and to conferences and workshops to share knowledge and learn new work procedures.



BSc (Hons) in Natural Sciences, Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of the University of Florence, Italy

Diploma in Agricultural Sciences, ISTITUTO TECNICO AGRARIO STATALE. LEOPOLDO II DI LORENA., Grosseto, Italy


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GIUSTI A (2007) Records of Planeustomus flavicollis Fauvel (Staphylinidae) and Eutheia formicetorum Reitter (Scydmaenidae) from the New Forest. The Coleopterist, 16

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KRELL F, Chung AYC, DE BOISE E, EGGLETON P, GIUSTI A, INWARD K, KRELL-WESTERWALBESLOH S (2005) Quantitative extraction of macro-invertebrates from temperate and tropical leaf-litter and soil: efficiency and time-dependent taxonomic biases of the Winkler extraction.. Pedobiologia, 49 (2): 175 - 186. doi: 10.1016/j.pedobi.2004.10.005

Highlighted publications

GARNER BH, GIUSTI A, KERLEY MD (2011) Conservation of Insect Specimens Affected by Verdigris. NatSCA News, 21 : 50 - 59.