The Natural History Museum Annual Report 2002|03
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The Director's view / Reaching out / Meeting the challenges

Reaching out
The Darwin Centre is one of many ways in which we are seeking to engage new audiences and communicate to them our passion for the natural world.

Imaginative temporary exhibitions such as Dino-Birds continued to attract wide public interest and attention. Our galleries at South Kensington and Tring were visited by nearly 2.9 million people of all ages and backgrounds, a substantial uplift on the previous year. We reached out to audiences across the UK and worldwide with our touring exhibitions, which were visited by a record number of nearly 1.8 million people. Our popular website achieved a 31% increase in traffic with 4.7 million virtual visitors.
We are participating in more partnerships than ever before. To give just two examples: we are playing a key role in a project to raise the profile of natural history collections in the UK, and we have joined with the BBC in a five-year collaboration to deliver high-profile projects that inspire audiences and promote wider understanding of the natural world.

We are sharing our collections and our science with institutions around the world, in order to advance understanding of the natural world and address contemporary issues of concern such as public health and loss of biodiversity. The Museum is taking a prominent role in many biodiversity-related projects – some examples are included in this Report.

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