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Explore nature in our flourishing Wildlife Garden, a tranquil haven for plants and animals in the heart of the city.

The garden is home to thousands of British flora and fauna. More than 3,130 species have been identified in the garden since it opened in 1995.

The Wildlife Garden is open daily from April 1 to early November, 10.00-17.00, with regular free family events. Visits are welcome by arrangement during the winter months - just ask at an information desk inside the Museum or email wildlifegarden@nhm.ac.uk.

You can learn more about our Wildlife Garden on the Museum's blog.

Summer highlights and attractions

  • dragonflies, including the common darter and southern hawker, are hunting prey over the ponds and margins
  • azure damselflies patrol the hedges and pond side habitats for their prey
  • eye-catching heathers and gorse on the heathland
  • on sunny days the heathland is alive with bees and otherĀ pollinators
  • Jersey tiger moths may be seenĀ on hemp agrimony flowers near the ponds and fen
  • butterflies, including red admiral, comma and brimstone, can be seen around the garden
  • young robins and wrens are easy to spot
  • in the evening, after the garden is closed, pipistrelle bats hunt midges and other small flies

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Discover six-spot burnet moths in the Wildlife Garden and learn about their talent for producing cyanide.

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