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Theo Bosboom, The Netherlands

Fish-eye view

Miniature, underwater landscapes fascinate Theo, particularly ones in fast-flowing streams and brooks. On the day he took this picture, he was experimenting with the effects under a small waterfall in a brook near his home in the Netherlands. Kneeling in waders and holding his camera under water, he shot looking up through the effervescent surface below the fall, using the bubbles to frame the scene of autumn trees. 'I love taking pictures that show a fresh perspective on nature,' says Theo. His biggest challenges were not being able to look through the viewfinder to see what he was doing and avoiding having his head appear in the wide angle of the frame.

Technical specification

Canon EOS 5D3 + 8-15mm f4 lens; 1/100 sec at f22; ISO 1600; Nauticam housing.

Leuvenumse Beek, The Netherlands: latitude 52.2941, longitude 5.72004 Leuvenumse Beek, The Netherlands: latitude 52.2941, longitude 5.72004

Leuvenumse Beek, The Netherlands

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Theo Bosboom

Theo Bosboom, The Netherlands

Theo Bosboom is a passionate photographer based in the Netherlands, with nature as his main subject and source of inspiration. In 2013 he became a fulltime photographer, leaving a succesful career as an IT-lawyer behind to follow his dream. Theo is regarded as a creative photographer with a good eye for detail and composition. His pictures have been awarded at many major international (nature) photography competitions, like Wildlife Photographer of the Year, European Wildlife Photographer of the year, Asferico, Afpan and Travel Photographer of the year. Theo's pictures have been published in leading magazines, including BBC Wildlife magazine, Geo and Outdoor Photography. In 2012 Theo published his first photobook 'iceland pure', which received very positive critics in the magazines.