Red Zone

Explore our ever-changing planet in the Red Zone. Discover the natural forces that shape it, the treasures we take from it, the effect we have on it and its place in the universe. A spectacular sculpture of the Earth takes you to the centre of the globe where you begin your journey around the planet.

  • The entrance is on Exhibition Road.
Gallery closure and specimen removal

Earth Today and Tomorrow will be closed from 13 April 2015 as we transform it into a new gallery about Human Evolution, opening in October, and a new shop, opening in August. During this period, some specimens in the Earth Hall port windows will be removed for safety. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • Stegosaurus
    Stegosaurus in the Earth Hall

    See the most complete Stegosaurus skeleton on display in the Earth Hall.

  • Volcanoes and Earthquakes gallery
    Volcanoes and Earthquakes

    The dramatic Volcanoes and Earthquakes gallery, previously known as The Power Within, is a must-visit.

  • Earth Hall globe escalator
    Earth Hall

    Examine beautiful specimens, including a piece of the Moon. Then take the escalator up through the giant Earth sculpture made from iron, zinc and copper.

  • Part of energy display.
    Earth Today and Tomorrow

    Explore the impact of human activity on our planet and how this will affect its future.

  • From the Beginning
    From the Beginning

    Go back to the beginning of time to explore the evolution of life on our planet, and find out just how late humans arrived on the scene.

  • Earth's Treasury gallery
    Earth's Treasury

    Get a rare glimpse of some truly precious treasures in this glittering display of rocks, minerals, diamonds and gemstones.

  • Boulders on display in the Restless Surface gallery.
    Restless Surface

    Discover how powerful natural forces shape the landscape of our ever-changing planet.

  • Lasting Impressions gallery
    Lasting Impressions

    See 200-million-year-old wave ripples and dinosaur footprints on a beach. Find out how to calculate a whale’s age from its teeth.

  • Earth Lab
    Earth Lab

    Interested in British geology? Examine fascinating fossils, minerals and rocks. There are more than 2,000 specimens in the Earth Lab gallery.