Discover what you can see and do in our galleries. All galleries are free except for some temporary exhibitions.

  • Blaschka radiolarian
    Gallery highlights

    At a glance, these are the bits no visitor wants to miss in the Museum's galleries - from our stunning Images of Nature to the ever-popular Dinosaurs gallery.

  • View of the Hintze Hall, formerly the Central Hall
    Gallery announcements

    Worth a check before you visit. This is the place to look for news of new specimens on display, gallery closures, and maintenance.

  • Hippopotamus with it's huge mouth wide open.
    Blue Zone

    Experience the age of dinosaurs, meet the blue whale and discover amazing facts about life, the planet, our environment and evolution.

  • The Ecology gallery's quadrasphere
    Green Zone

    Investigate Earth’s ecology. Meet a dodo. Learn about the meteorites that shaped this planet. Admire the great Hinze Hall, formerly the Central Hall. All this and more.

  • Stegosaurus in the Earth Hall
    Red Zone

    Explore our ever-changing planet. Find out about the massive natural forces that shape it, the treasures we take from it, and what we can do to preserve it.

  • Darwin Centre Courtyard
    Orange Zone

    See into the spectacular Darwin Centre and explore the thriving Wildlife Garden.

  • Museum floorplan
    Floor Plans

    Make sure you always know where you are and where you’re going with the help of our maps.