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Watch the video to learn about the importance of our historical images and the state-of-the-art imaging used today.

Find out more about art techniques from the 17th century to today

See historic and contemporary natural history art in the gallery

From a dodo painting inspired by current science to the trends in natural history illustration, you can explore our natural history art collection and expertise in these online videos.

All the videos, excluding the squid in ink, are shown at the kiosks in the Images of Nature gallery. You can see many of the artworks featured during your visit.

  • Drawing by George Ehret showing magnified reproductive parts of a plant
    Natural history art: 17th century to today

    Find out how artists and image makers have worked with scientists to describe and record the natural world since the 17th century.

  • Wood block printing video
    Wood-block printing video

    Find out about wood-block printing and engraving with illustrator Chris Wormell, who was inspired by the work of the 19th-century artist Thomas Bewick.

  • Weevil art video
    Weevil art video

    Museum entomologist Chris Lyal explores the work of Mark Ines Russell and in particular his striking weevil art.

  • Metal-plate engraving video
    Metal-plate engraving video

    Printmaker Katrina van Grouw tells us about the art of metal-plate engraving and the illustrator Sydney Parkinson.

  • Dodo video
    Painting the dodo video

    Artist and palaeontologist Dr Julian Hume gives us a modern interpretation of Roelandt Savery’s 17th-century iconic painting of the dodo.

  • Reconstructing the dodo video
    Reconstructing the dodo video

    Discover how the image and reconstruction of the classic dodo body shape has changed through scientific research with dodo expert Dr Julian Pender Hume.

  • Researching the dodo’s Mauritian ecosystem video
    Researching the dodo’s Mauritian ecosystem video

    Find out about the flora and fauna of Mauritius and why so many creatures like the dodo became extinct when humans arrived there.

  • Squid in ink video
    Squid in ink video

    Watch artist Alice Shirley create a life-size illustration of well-known Museum specimen, Archie the giant squid, using fresh squid ink.

  • Hammerhead shark’s head CT scan
    Hammerhead shark’s head CT scan

    Fly through a hammerhead shark’s nostril to investigate water flow in this micro-CT scan of a 3D model of a shark’s head.

Art, nature and imaging

Cheetah, Acinonyx jubatus, watercolour from the India collection

Discover how natural history art and imaging techniques have developed since the 17th century and explore selected Museum artworks.

Art, nature and imaging

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