NaturePlus in the Darwin Centre

Pick up a free NaturePlus Card at the start of your visit

Watch our video to see how to use NaturePlus in the Darwin Centre

When you visit Cocoon in the Museum's state-of-the-art Darwin Centre you can pick up your free NaturePlus card to collect highlights of your visit along with bonus features to explore later online.
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What is NaturePlus?

NaturePlus is a free digital service for visitors. Within the Darwin Centre visitors can pick up a free NaturePlus card and save content from selected exhibits to view later online. 

Online, NaturePlus offers visitors their own personalised web page at where they can view content they’ve saved during their visit to the Darwin Centre, see further linked information, join our forums, follow blogs and find out about events and citizen science surveys.

What kinds of things can I collect on my Cocoon visit?

NaturePlus card

On your Cocoon journey there are many exhibits that highlight the work of our scientists and feature fun, interactive games, incredible images and fascinating facts. Some of this exhibit content can be saved to your NaturePlus card using barcode scanning technology. 

Take your card home to access these features online at NaturePlus.

  • Get up close to some of your favourite specimens from our collections using the latest zoomify technology. Study the intricate details on a beautiful wasp’s head, a butterfly wing, or a bumblebee leg.
  • Watch videos of Museum scientists on recent expeditions and find out what life is really like out in the field.
  • Take a look at the cutting-edge technology that allows scientists to see inside specimens, like a mummified cat or rhinoceros beetle, without having to dissect or damage them.

Where can I pick up a NaturePlus card?

NaturePlus cards are available from dispensers found at key points in the Darwin Centre, including the welcome area. Look out for the NaturePlus symbol on the card dispensers.

How do I use my NaturePlus card?

Look out for exhibits that have a barcode scanner and display the NaturePlus icon.

  • After browsing the content on the exhibit touch the NaturePlus symbol in the bottom left-hand corner
  • You'll see a selection of highlights to choose from
  • Select the content you would like to save
  • Press OK
  • Collect the items by scanning your card
  • Hang on to your card to view what you saved online

How do I access NaturePlus after my visit?

Go to, enter the barcode number on your NaturePlus card during the registration process and view your content.

NaturePlus butterfly id display
Explore NaturePlus displays in Cocoon

View some of the Darwin Centre's exciting NaturePlus interactive displays in our Cocoon highlights slideshow.

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