Heron-Allen slide collection database

Access a complete catalogue of the Heron-Allen slide collection, which includes more than 740 foraminifera specimens collected during historic research voyages such as Discovery, HMS Challenger and the Terra Nova expedition.

The database is organised by:

  • broad geographic locality (eg North Sea, Mediterranean, Antarctic)
  • research ship / cruise name

Download the catalogue here as an Excel spreadsheet:

Full Heron-Allen database (Excel 5.6 MB)

Specimen of an orbitolite specimen, Orbitolites complanata
Heron-Allen slide collection

Learn about Edward Heron-Allen’s vast collection of foraminifera type slides. It includes specimens gathered from samples from a number of notable research voyages.

Excel files

If you are unable to open the Excel file please contact the Curator to request the document in another format.