Thanks go to the following for identifying the images: JH Belcher and EMF Swale (mostly chlorophytes), AJ Brook (mostly desmids), JA Bryant and NF Stewart (charophytes), C Billard and J Fresnel (haptophytes), JD Dodge and JM Lewis (pyrrophytes), F Rindi (Trentopohliales), PM Tsarenko (Chlorococcales), BA Whitton (cyanophytes) and K Wolowski (euglenophytes).

A special thanks to David B Williamson who identified many of the new desmid images and accompanied us on fieldwork to collect living samples for photography

Thanks go to the following who provided us with images:

D Balbi, JH Belcher, C Billard, PNG Bolton, SJ Brierley, AJ Brook, JT Davies, JD Dodge, J Fresnel, JJ Gemmell, MD Guiry, Hampshire Chronicle, J Jamieson, LR Johnson, MG Kelly, SM Knight, JM Lewis, A Pentecost, F Rindi, Natural History Museum (London), NF Stewart, EMF Swale, BA Whitton, K Wolowski.