Biodiversity initiative

The Museum's biodiversity research initiative is focusing on tropical forests to tackle long-standing questions about the diversity of the most complex ecosystems on Earth.

Site-based integrative analysis of biodiversity in tropical rainforests

We are aiming to

  • use standardized subsampling and spatially defined plots to model taxonomic richness and turnover
  • employ the latest sequencing technology for the site-based analysis of taxonomically intractable groups
  • calibrate new DNA-based approaches against classical taxonomy
  • link biodiversity and genomic information to ecosystem function and process data and ultimately to inform environmental policy
Peruvian monkeys
Biodiversity news

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Would you like to get involved ?

We are interested in collaborations with researchers involved in studying:

  • Tropical ecosystems of arthropods worldwide
  • Agroecosystems and environmental monitoring
  • Application of site-based approaches of mitogenomes to non-arthropods

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