Biodiversity online

Broadcast your biodiversity data online with a Scratchpad. 


Scratchpads are a digital platform created for biodiversity researchers to:

  • create websites to display biodiversity data online
  • upload and store digital data
  • share data: import, export and link data with digital biodiversity data warehouses
  • produce publications: create and submit manuscripts to journals
  • collaborate: build a virtual community to discuss data, write papers and compile bibliographies.

Scratchpads are unearthing buried biodiversity data by making the information openly available and re-usable by the global scientific community.

Museum Scratchpads

Here is a collection of Scratchpads created by Museum scientists.

Scratchpads in numbers

Users: more than 7,000.

Research communities: more than 630 worldwide.

Languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Chinese, thanks to community-developed translations. 

Servers: four independent Scratchpad hosts in the UK, USA, Germany and China.

Software: open-source Drupal development framework. Currently more than 200 modules and over 100 modules created by the Museum's informatics team.