British bryozoans

We are extending our knowledge of bryozoans that live around the British Isles, and increasing public awareness of this enigmatic group of creatures.

Despite being one of the most-studied bryozoan sites, the north-east Atlantic Ocean around the British Isles still holds many mysteries.

The bryozoans that live there are difficult to pin down taxonomically and little is known about some groups. Our research assesses patterns of British bryozoan biodiversity over time and space using new and historical collections.

We are contributing to the Bryozoa of the British Isles scratchpad, an open online resource for people to discover and contribute to knowledge of our native bryozoans.

Understanding bryozoan lifestyles is important since they are vulnerable to anthropogenic disturbances, which include:

  • introduction of non-native species
  • ocean acidification
  • trawling
  • pollution
  • sedimentation

Project researchers


  • Jennifer Loxton (University of the Highlands and Islands/MERIKA post doctoral research associate)
  • Dr Patrick Wyse Jackson (Trinity College, Dublin)
  • Antoinette Kelso (Trinity College, Dublin/PhD student)
  • Sally Rouse (Heriot-Watt University/SAMS PhD student)
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