Former British Petroleum micropalaeontology collection

The former British Petroleum micropalaeontology collection contains thousands of micropalaeontological, palynological and nannofossil samples from over 120 countries. Click on each country's pin for more information about the wells and outcrops present.

The collection contains the microfossil well-run samples from British Petroleum's exploration activities since the 1950s, including slides and residues from over 3,800 well and outcrop localities worldwide.

The collection includes:

  • micropalaeontological slides
  • palynological¬†slides (c. 78,000)
  • nannofossil slides
  • faunal slides
  • loose specimens¬†
  • residues
  • the former British Petroleum microfossil reference collection (foraminifera and ostracoda)

Access the former British Petroleum micropalaeontology collection database

Former British Petroleum collection.
Former British Petroleum microfossil database

Search materials from over 3,500 individual well runs, including palynological and nannofossil slides from over 120 countries.

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Alveolina boscii.
BP micropalaeontology project

A three-year project to analyse the former British Petroleum micropalaeontology collection, mapping palaeoenvironmental changes through geological time.