Science review 2009

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Find out more about what Museum scientists are discovering about our planet.

  • Tree of life
    Tree of life

    Using living descendants and fossil remains, the study of phylogenetics aims to reconstruct the Tree of life. 

  • Bluebells
    Diversity, evolution and environment

    Find out more about how the diversity of genes, genotypes and phenotypes are being related to evolution and the environment by Museum scientists.

  • Bryozoa Aspidelectra melolontha
    What determines biodiversity?

    Find out how scientists are using fossil remains to assess the effects of climate and geophysical change on biodiversity in the past

  • A typical transmission site of intestinal schistosomiasis on Lake Victoria
    Parasites and tropical diseases

    By studying parasites and the vectors that carry them, Museum scientists are contributing towards the control of devastating diseases of plants, animals and people.

Science Review 2009

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