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Oligoporus Meek & Worthen, 1861, p. 472

[=Melonopsis Meek & Worthen, 1866, p. 249 (objective) ]

Diagnostic Features
  • Test globular, typically large; plating thick and tesselate.
  • Apical disc small; monocyclic.
  • Ambulacra more or less straight and almost as wide as the interambulacral zones; basically quadriserial throughout. An outer and and inner series of plates in each half ambulacrum; each plate with a small pore-pair so that pore-pairs form four vertical, widely separated bands in each zone. However, a few additional occluded plates occur between so that some pore-pairs are found in between the two columns.
  • Interambulacral zones wide; composed of up to 9 regular columns of polygonal plates.
  • Interambulacral plates with granulation only; no primary tubercle.
  • Peristome small, plating unknown.
  • Lantern and spines unknown.
Lower Carboniferous, USA, ?Australia.
Name gender masculine
Melonites danae Meek & Worthen, 1861, p. 397, by original designation.
Species Included
  • O. danae (Meek & Worthen, 1861); Keokuk Group, Lower Carboniferous, USA.
  • O. blairei Miller & Gurley, 1893; Keokuk Group, Lower Carboniferous, USA.
  • O. coreyi Meek & Worthen, 1870; Keokuk Group, Lower Carboniferous, USA.
  • O. sulcatus Miller & Gurley, 1893; St Louis Group, Lower Carboniferous, USA.
  • O. halli Jackson, 1912; Keokuk Group, Lower Carboniferous, USA.
Classification and/or Status

Stem group Echinoidea; Palaechinidae.

Presumed monophyletic.


The test is very similar in form to Melonechinus, but the pore-pairs form four distinct, widely spaced columns, not the dense, continuous adradial bands of pore-pairs of that genus.

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