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Contributed by Andrew Smith, August 2011

Tremaster Dudicourt, Neraudeau, Nicolleau, Ceulemann & Boutin, 2005, p. 552

Diagnostic Features
  • Test small; upper surface hardly sculpted
  • Ambulacra trigeminate
  • Primary tubercles imperforate and non crenulate
  • Primary interambulacra tubercles at lower edge of interambulacral plates
  • Sutural pits at interradius
  • Buccal notches virtually absent
  • Sexual dimorphism, with females having a sunken adapical zone.
Distribution Pliocene, France
Name gender masculine
Type Tremaster romani Dudicourt, Neraudeau, Nicolleau, Ceulemann & Boutin, 2005, p. 553, by original designation.
Classification and/or Status Preoccupied name - non Tremaster Verill, 1880 (a starfish)
Remarks Dudicourt, J. C., Neraudeau, D., Nicolleau, P., Ceulemann, L. & Boutin, F. 2005. Une faune remarquable d'echinides marsupiaux dans le Pliocene de Vendee (Ouest de la France). Bulletin de la Societe geologique de France 176, 545-557.