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Sternopatagus de Meijere, 1903, p. 10

[=Sanchezaster Lambert, in Sanchez Roig, 1924, p. 13, type species S. habanensis Lambert, in Sanchez Roig, 1924]

Diagnostic Features
  • Test ovate with frontal ambulacrum only just concave at ambitus. Lower surface convex. Subconical in profile with retrenched posterior face
  • Plating thin
  • Apical disc somewhat anterior of centre with four gonopores
  • Ambulacra non-petaloid; pores single and rudimentary. Ambulacral plates relatively tall over aboral surface
  • Well-developed frontal groove present from beneath ambitus to peristome
  • Peristome small and oval, vertical and facing anterior
  • Plastron plating orthosternous - labral plate followed by single symmetrical sternal plate, and then two pairs of paired episternal plates. subsequent plating biserial
  • Labral plate disjunct from sternal plate
  • No primary tubercles aborally
  • Marginal fasciole present
Late Cretaceous to Recent, North Africa, Cuba, China Sea
Name gender masculine
Sternopatagus sibogae de Meijere, 1903, p. 10, by original designation
Species Included
  • S. sibogae de Meijere, 1903; Recent, China Sea
  • S. habanensis Lambert in Sanchez Roig, 1924; Eocene, Cuba
  • S. mairei Lambert; Late Cretaceous, Senegal
Classification and/or Status

Holasteroida, Meridosternata, Stegasterina, Calymnidae



Differs from the closely related Seunaster in having aboral ambulacral plates much closer in size to interambulacral plates, and in having a disjunct plastron. Differs from Lampadocorys (which also has a disjunct plastron) in having symmetrical, paired episternal plates and a marginal fasciole.

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