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Remycidaris Vadet, 2004, p. 12

Diagnostic Features
  • Test relatively thin-plated.
  • Apical disc unknown.
  • Interambulacra with approximately 6 or 7 plates in a series. Plates almost as tall as wide at ambitus and with primary tubercles widely separated Primary tubercles perforate, weakly crenulate except for most adoral tubercles; mamelons moderate in size. Areoles circular and weakly incised.
  • Scrobicular tubercles small and weakly differentiated but forming a distinct rim around the areoles. Extrascrobicular tuberculation sparse and scattered, leaving the margins of ambital and adapical plates almost nude.
  • No sutural pits or furrows; sutures not depressed.
  • Ambulacral zones more or less straight. Pore zones not incised. Pore-pairs subconjugate. Perradial zone with marginal series of contiguous primary tubercles and only the occasional much smaller tubercle perradially leaving the perradius very sparsely tuberculate.
  • Ambulacral tubercles uniform at ambitus but becoming heterogeneous adorally.
  • No test with attached spines.
Middle Jurassic (Callovian), France
Name gender feminine
Remycidaris largiporus Vadet, 2004, p. 12 [?=Rhabdocidaris bigoti Mercier, 1930], by original designation
Species Included
  • Only the type species
Classification and/or Status

Cidaroida, ?Polycidaridae

Monotypic; subjective junior synonym of Nudicidaris Vadet, 1991


The taxon was erected by Vadet (2004) and differentiated from Nudicidaris by its more subconjugate pore-pairs. Guittonicidaris has almost identical test morphology, although its tubercle crenulation is less well developed. It is quite possible that both Remycidaris and Guittonicidaris are based on different-sized individuals of the same species.

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