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Apr 25, 2014 9:00 PM

Can anyone help identify this spider please?



I am hoping that someone will know what type of spider this is. We have quite a lot of them on the outside of our conservatory and in and around our shed. We are wondering if it is a false widow spider or something else? We have had a look at photos on the internet and are having trouble identifying it, so would appreciate an expert opinion. We have looked at them so much we are now very keen to know its name! I apologise the photo is not overly clear, but it was taken when it was getting dark as they seem to come out more then. This one was approx 1- 1.5cm in length (including front legs i think)  It is the best one I have showing the type of white markings on its back. Any help appreciated,


Many thanks


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      Apr 25, 2014 11:15 PM (in response to Eliza)
      Re: Can anyone help identify this spider please?

      Hi Eliza,


      This is a harmless Zygiella species, most likely Z. x-notata, one of the missing sector orb weavers. Very common in & around houses, especially around windows.

      As you can just about see, the head is light brown around the sides, with a thick, dark central stripe/wedge. Steatodas (false widows) tend to have a more uniform colouring accross the whole of the head.


      Zygiellas are sometimes mistaken for false widows, but their webs are entirely different, Zygiellas weave a regular orb web, with a couple of segements missing radiating strands, they often hang vertically in the web, head down, abdomen up. They make little web coccoons in which they shelter. Steatoda nobilis makes more of a canopy like web and tends to hang horizontally, belly up, lives in cracks/holes nearby.

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