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May 14, 2014 2:44 AM

Unkown Australian insect

Can anyone help in identifying an Australian insect. I'm pretty experienced at identifying insects (at the very least to family or genera) and have tried local ID keys  without successbut this one has beaten me, I can't even get it to an Order.


Seen in Southern Highlands, New South Wales, Australia.


Some anatomical notes:

Approx 20mm total length

No wings nor any obvious vestigial wings seen

Antenna, very short, 6 or 7 segments, fine hairs

Mouthparts - no obvious rostrum, beak or mandibles

Tarsi 2 or 3 segments, fine hairs

X3 ocelli on top of head between large compound eyes

Abdomen possibly 7 or 8 segments (no waist apparent), tapering to end

Cerci - none seen


Any comments appreciated.


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