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Nov 7, 2013 6:52 PM

Carcharodontosaurus- best hunter ever?




I was just wondering, could carcharodontosaurus have been the best hunter ever?  I have always thought it was the best hunter, but all paleontologists say tyrannosaurus was the best hunter, but why?  What makes tyrannosaurus a better hunter than any other dinosaurs?  It smaller than carcharodontosaurus, it only had short arms, an it only lived for about 3 million years, so why do people say it was such a a good hunter?  How come a tyrannosaurus usually ate 6 tonne triceratops and carcharodontosaurus ate huge sauropods like the 72.5 tonne parilititan?




What I'm trying to ask is, what makes tyrannosaurus a better hunter than carcharodontosaurus, or was tyrannosaurus not even a good hunter compared to giganotosaurus and carcharodontosaurus.  I personally think tyrannosaurus is over estimated.



I would appriciate any answers on this one.


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