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Sep 29, 2013 8:57 PM

Tooth shaped object

Hi there new to this site. My boy was out playing in a field a tractor just dug up and came in and said he has found a dinosaur tooth, I tryed to tell him it was just a stone but not totally convinced my self. It is about 3" and a wee weight to it, any advice would be most appreciated.

Pic to follow

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    Sep 29, 2013 9:53 PM (in response to Craig)
    Re: Tooth shaped object



    There is a superficial resemblance to a dinosaur tooth in the shape, but a dino tooth would have a clear bottom end opposite the tip, where you'd see it in cross section - showing a distinct hard coating and (probably recessed) core. Your specimen has a similar surface all over.


    So I think it is just a stone that looks like something. The human mind-eye is very good at recognizing shapes, and that can lead to it getting fooled some of the time.


    (Actually, the mind-eye has also been shown to be suprisingly bad at noticing obvious things in certain situations.

    There was the experiment where observers were asked to watch a person in a crowd of folks dancing, which they did. They were asked if they noticed anthing unusual, and most said 'no'. The scene was replayed to them and they were amazed to see a person in a black bear costume walking amongst the dancers. They had failed to notice him! 

    More alarmingly, I think some doctors were tested in their visual analysis of medical scans. They pointed out various things they had been trained to spot. But they failed to notice small objects that had been digitally inserted into the images - things like a bicycle!

    To cover my backside, I had best say that both those accounts should be treated as allegations rather than facts.)



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    Oct 6, 2013 9:33 PM (in response to Craig)
    Re: Tooth shaped object

    Hello Craig

    An interesting find, on the Holderness coast were we collect I once found a brick shaped like an egg with three manufacture holes in the middle, it had been in the beach system for quite a while and suffered the abrasivness of sand and other rocks erroding it away.

    Good explanation and comparison Mike.

    Personaly looking at the first image I thought it was a stone tool but looking at the rest of the images I tend to think it is a stone that looks like something as well.

    But just checking the images again made me think is it flint chert?



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